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At American Mechanical Insulation Sales we manufacture our own line of pipe support systems and are able to ship in designated increments. This allows for quick lead times and also reduces the chance of damage due to job site incidents.

If you need more of a particular size, just call. We can start fabricating immediately.

Looking for pipe supports from other manufacturers? We supply other brands as well. Visit our Products page.

View the full line of AMIS Pre-Insulated Pipe Supports.

Our 95-page catalog includes information on our 19 systems available (with more to come). Product data sheets, SDS’s, specifications and installation instructions are included.

The catalog is available in PDF format or call to request a printed version.

Great reasons to chose AMIS Pre‑Insulated Pipe Supports:

Cost Savings

  • Never over-purchase again
  • No minimum order requirements
  • No delivery charges
  • Cost competitive
  • Easy returns

Convenient Delivery

  • Next day delivery of stock sizes
  • Free delivery
  • Individually labeled
  • Packaged and tagged for specific jobsite area

Reliable Performance

  • Water-resistant, high‑temperature and cold application systems available
  • Reduces noise and vibration
  • High corrosion resistance
  • High support strength


Quality Features

  • Easy installation
  • Fire resistant
  • Freeze resistant
  • Flared metal shields
  • 360-degree metal shield
  • Carbon steel / fiberglass shields


Call 800-859-7875 to speak to an Insulation Expert