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Apex Energy and Environmental Products, Inc. Removable, Reusable Insulation Covers

American Mechanical Insulation Sales works with our partner company Apex Energy and Environmental Products, Inc. to provide our customers with custom removable/reusable insulation covers (blankets).

Apex's high-quality covers are manufactured in Southeast Michigan for commercial and industrial mechanical piping and equipment.

These blankets are the perfect solution to insulate piping, fittings, valves, instrumentation and equipment that requires periodic to frequent maintenance or is otherwise unsuitable for permanent insulation.

  • Precise custom fit – fits any system.
  • Dimensions verified by field measurement for accuracy.
  • Designed with no gaps or undue compression of the insulation to maintain thermal effectiveness.
  • Expertly finished with sewn seams, gusseted edges, and fail-safe closures.
  • Constructed for ease of installation and removal without the use of special tools or skills.

Please call 800-859-7875 to discuss your needs with one of our insulation professionals or visit Apex Energy Products for more information.